The company:

Holistic Ecohouse AS is a Norwegian limited company. The concept is based on health specialist Thomas Aksnes` vision of ​​developing the world’s most health-positive and environmentally friendly building. Aksnes has developed the groundbreaking idea alongside his worldwide business in health optimizing (more than 200 clinics worldwide). The vision was to develop the world’s healthiest building, with optimal profile for both the environment and the occupants’ mental and physical health.

Holistic Ecohouse AS consists of Thomas Aksnes (health specialist with internationally recognized expertise in health technologies, innovator and serial entrepreneur), Roger Hovland (senior executive and chairman with extensive experience at international companies in various industries), Lars Helland (building and construction engineer, innovator, former President of the Norwegian Inventors Association) and Søren Schjelderup (MBA and serial entrepreneur). The award-winning Irish architect and specialist in sacred geometry, Michael Rice, designed the building.

The team behind the Holistic Ecohouse company has expertise including but not limited to: building and construction, health, safety, innovation, project management, industrialization, commercialization, financing, management and internationalization. The team has a solid track record in these areas and has significant implementation capacity both nationally and internationally.


A personal note from Thomas Aksnes:

What do we expect from our dwellings? They must meet one of our most basic needs: ‘Certainty’. Certainty that we are safe from toxic substances and influences, safe in the knowledge that the environment is positively affected, that the ideal conditions for health at every level are present. Out in the world we get plenty of excitement and variety. On returning home we welcome the feeling of sanctuary.

This project came about due to a strong desire to meet those needs for my family of seven. My work and passion is improving the knowledge of, and access to, optimum health care in the world. Along the journey many opportunities arose both to learn about what affects our health and well-being, and to identify cutting-edge means to optimize it. This ideal living concept is the culmination of that knowledge and the experience acquired not only by myself but also the team in each of their areas of expertise.

We look forward to spreading the benefits that this concept represents and working to make it a reality for as many people as possible.