A Holistic Ecohouse building is suitable for many different purposes. The above architectural drawing shows the layouts that have been designed for a Holistic Ecohouse hotel with a capacity of 12 rooms which could be located next to a similar clinic. A combination of a Holistic Ecohouse wellness clinic and hotel is already planned for Hvaler outside Oslo as well as for Meland outside Bergen. This combination is perfect because a standard treatment at the clinic requires a 1, 2 or 3-week stay and most clients would need a place to stay during this period.

A Holistic Ecohouse hotel would also work perfectly on a stand-alone basis. It will become the world`s most environment- and health-optimized hotel. The building provides the best conditions for optimizing the guests’ health, wellbeing and productivity. The building’s geometry gives the perfect sleeping conditions. Measuring the effect on the EEG of people sleeping proves this. Advanced ventilation and design elements ensure that the air is cleaner, providing protection against germs, allergens, and more. The indoor environment has positive effects on many health parameters, skin and beauty, not to mention that you wake up feeling completely revitalized.

Holistic Ecohouse hotel rooms will be equipped with the following health facilities:

  • Cleaning Protocol
  • Air system that cleans the air and provides an ideal ion balance
  • Water System for ultra-pure, ionized health water
  • Shower with clean filter and vitamin C infused through the water.
  • Energizing light and various light therapies
  • Black-out curtains
  • Health Mattress
  • Hypoallergenic bedding
  • Yoga and meditation training on a TV channel
  • Radiation-free environment

On request, the unique Holistic Ecohouse can be customized and supplied to meet other purposes, such as an office building. The two floors together cover 480 m2, but it is possible to design more floors, or put together several buildings facing each other in a formation with tunnels or a covered footpath between them.