In collaboration with the international Health Optimizing clinic franchise, we have developed the ultimate health clinic / retreat centre in a Holistic Ecohouse building. It also includes a new and revolutionary spa treatment with liquid oxygen water that causes cells to function better and divide properly. There is substantial published research on the health effects of this technology. This spa treatment will only be offered through Holistic Ecohouse, in the Nordic countries and a number of other countries. In addition, the concept includes a Health Optimizing clinic, where the latest technologies for examination and treatment are applied by specially trained doctors and therapists. The focus is on finding out what is not working properly in the body, and then analyzing why. The aim is to overcome the root causes and trigger factors, and then to stimulate the body’s own mechanisms to regulate normally again.

Holistic Ecohouse will also have a gym and an organic health cafe. By combining the latest and best health technologies with the Holistic Ecohouse building, which in itself is healthy, we are creating a new and unique clinic concept. There are three such clinics already planned in Norway, and we are interested in dialogue with others who want to build and operate one or more such clinics around the world. Holistic Ecohouse AS delivers complete clinics as a total solution, and together with partners, we offer the whole concept including training and operational assistance.