There is a growing need for a focus on health and environmental initiatives globally, and there is a great potential for optimizing health and environment during the construction of private homes, clinics, hotels, office buildings, and so on. Holistic Ecohouse aims to be the world’s healthiest building. In addition to innovative materials and solutions, the house will be built with functional geometry. All shapes and proportions are 100% in accordance with the laws of sacred geometry. This creates a more energetic and environmentally balanced indoor climate as well as improving the physical health of the occupants in many ways. Harmonious lines, great design and lots of access to daylight will promote mental health. The building also integrates a combination of technologies for further optimizing the health benefits, as well as technologies for optimal energy solutions. Holistic Ecohouse uses only the most environmentally friendly building materials and technologies. It will be self-sufficient in clean energy and have a complete eco and health profile.

The state-of-the-art building materials used have been selected to be as environmentally friendly as possible, both during the production process and when installed. Additionally they have been optimized to provide the same level of insulation as in a “passive house”. These materials are also ideally suited to achieving the circular shapes of the Holistic Ecohouse, while maintaining an optimal indoor environment. The base material, Ytong Energy+, with a U-value of 0.15, provides a comfortable indoor climate and prevents mold. For the functional geometry aspects to be effective, all shapes and curves must be made with extreme accuracy. Holistic Ecohouse is a kit house with building blocks pre-made in the exact curves and shapes. The building also has elements of wood, and all building materials are optimal in terms of the environment, function and design. The windows are UV blocking and have a U-value of 0.67. SINTEF Energy calculations of the building show heat-loss figures of only 0.56 despite the very high proportion of windows.

Heating is based on solar collectors mounted on a south-facing garage roof, and a large storage tank buried under the garage. This will cover all normal heating needs via under-floor hot-water circulation, and in summer it will be able to heat a swimming pool. On the few days when it is colder than -5 degrees and there are prolonged periods without sun, a CHP (Combined Heat & Power) plant, and/or a wood stove with water cape, will supplement the solar collectors and will meet the heating requirements down to -40 ° C outside temperature. Hot water for consumption will go on the same system, and the peak heating is achieved «on demand» with gas. The stove in the kitchen and the outdoor grill are connected to the same gas system. The moderate power demands of LED lighting and other equipment can easily be met with renewable energy, i.e. a CHP system, so there is no need to connect the house to mains electricity.

The geometric shapes of the house are 100% in accordance with the laws of sacred geometry. These shapes create a better energetic and environmental indoor balance. This is one of the oldest sciences, and has proven effective in relation to mold, preservation, stress reduction, sleep cycle, and more. Just as airflow is influenced by geometric shapes in a wind tunnel, so too are natural forces affected by the forms they encounter. The Schuman field, which occurs between the earth’s magnetic field and the electrically charged ionosphere, scalar fields, and other documented fields surrounding the Earth, are all examples of forces influenced by geometric shapes. In addition, Holistic Ecohouse has a measurable effect on the humidity, ion balance, air distribution and experienced energetic harmony, as compared to the usual rectangular buildings. Holistic Ecohouse is the first building where absolutely all geometric forms take these factors into consideration.

The configuration is also optimized in terms of directions of the sky/sun, access to light, air and energy-flow according to another ancient science; the Ayrvedish Vastu principles. Holistic Ecohouse is a unique concept. We have managed to integrate all the principles of sacred geometry and other ancient wisdoms in one building, while combining that with the modern science of innovative building materials and energy solutions. The aim has been to create the world’s healthiest building, where all the factors for environment and mental and physical health are optimal. In addition, design, practicality and economic sustainability is also optimized.